Technical FAQ'S

I am downloading the update of the program from the website. Should I uninstall the previous version before I install this new one?
Yes. The upgrades to IDS are new stand alone versions of the program. All previous versions should be removed before installing new versions. Having multiple versions of the program on the computer at the same time can cause conflict between shared files.

When I install the dongle, I get a message that says that the hardware I am installing has not passed windows logo testing. Is this a problem?
No, the window's logo testing window is Microsoft's disclaimer that basically says that they don't take responsibility for hardware that is not built or certified by them. There is nothing in the dongle that will cause the computer to crash. You can click the Continue Anyway button to continue.

I updated my program and now I have two versions of IDS on my computer. Is this going to be a problem?
The updates that we release for the program are full versions of the program. Because they are full releases, the old version of the program needs to be removed before you install the new version. If you don't remove the older version you can run into problems with the import and export functions of the program.

When I try to start my program I get an error message that says 'please don't change your system time anymore' and the program will not start. What do I do?
All of our dongles have a clock feature in them that tracks the license time of the program. When you install the dongle onto the computer, it records what the time is. If you change your computer time the clock on the dongle will not match and the program will not work. If you change your time back the dongle will work again. If you cannot remember what the time was set at, you'll need to return the dongle to our offices to be reprogrammed.

When I try to launch my program, I get a message that says 'Dongle Accessing Error' or 'Broken Dongle' and the program won't launch. How do I get my dongle replaced?
The dongle itself may not be broken. There are a number of tests that you can use to determine if the dongle needs to be replaced or not. To get these testing procedures, email

How do I find out my computer's processor speed and amount of ram?
To find the computer's processor speed and amount of ram you will need to open your My Computer's properties. To do so, right click on your My Computer icon and select properties from the menu that pops up. In the General tab at the bottom should be listed your processor type and speed, the amount of ram in your computer, and your computer's brand.

Should I put the dongle into the computer before or after I've installed the program or any updates?
You need to leave the dongle out of the computer until after you've installed the program. The drivers for the dongle are not installed until after the program has been installed onto the computer. If you put the dongle in before you install the program the computer will either not be able to find any drivers and label the dongle as an unknown device, or it will install old drivers for the dongle that may cause the dongle to work improperly.

What is the best way to get the newest versions of IDS?
The best way to get updates depends on your Internet connection speed. If you have a broad band Internet connection (cable, DSL, T1, or T3), then you can download the update of the program directly from the Midwest website. If you have a dial up connection, downloading the update from the website will take several hours and there is a higher chance of file corruption. In this case the best way to get an update would be to contact our home office. We can have an update cd shipped out to you.

If I uninstall the program to update it, will I lose my designs?
No, none of the design files are touched when removing IDS using add/remove programs. As long as your designs are not kept in the same folder as the program files they will not be removed. The best place to keep your files would be either in the default IDS Embroidery Library folder or in your My Documents folder.

Why does my dongle work when I plug it in directly to my computer but not when I plug it into my USB hub?
The dongle requires a constant source of power while the program is running because it is being accessed frequently. Some USB hubs do not provide enough power to the dongle to allow it to run the program. The best way to connect the dongle is by inserting it directly into a USB slot on the computer.

How can I get updates and upgrades?
IDS can be updated at any time. Updates are available to you at no charge and are download accessible through our website (click here). Updates include enhancements and new features on the current IDS platform. When IDS is upgraded to a new platform ("re-built"), there will be a nominal fee to upgrade. IDS is upgraded about once every four years.

How can I get training and support for IDS?
We have training sessions around the country throughout the year. Please check our training schedule or contact Software Support for requests. There are training booklets available for download on our website. In addition to the training booklets, please check back frequently for short tutorials. Please email Software Support for questions and/or concerns.