Your Rights as a Renaissance Owner

A component of the acquisition agreement are your rights divided into 2 categories - software & machinery.

As far as the software end, Magellan & Navigator are no longer developed or supported. Although, Prodigi has agreed to create a software solution that will allow you to drive your machine from a Vista environment - which we have currently reviewed and developed.

To view the software options currently available, please click here

As for the machinery...

Below is a layout of what our intentions are in relation to supporting existing Renaissance owners. We also have a full technical support team dedicated to answering your questions and/or requests. If you would like to contact us directly, please call us at 1-877-724-6400 for any questions or concerns.

1. We are providing parts as long as stock lasts. We don't know for sure how long that will be but we are estimating 90 days or so. Some parts are not proprietary on the machine and those parts will be available indefinitely.

2. We are offering to trade in your machine anywhere from $4000-$8000 depending on what you originally purchased and what you are trading in to. This is every bit of 300-700% over retail market value and on par with other top Embroidery Companies advertised resale values (50% of new price). Currently, we see that used Renaissance Equipment is selling for $800-$1500 on average on the open market. Furthermore, we're taking the trade in units and using them to have parts so that we can support customers for a longer time.

3. The Renaissance machines used a proprietary controller software which means that all the boards in the machine are unique and not offered except from the factory who produced them. Since we are not the original manufacturer of the machinery, we will provide these parts as long as we can, but we cannot guarantee the length of availability.

We will soon be offering a life extender kit with the proprietary parts that will likely keep the machine running for a little longer in case you cannot afford the trade up.

Should you have any questions, please call directly at 1-877-724-6400.