Questions to Ask

When you are searching for a commercial embroidery machine it is important to know what questions to ask the seller. A reputable company should have direct answer to all of the questions listed below.

1. Whose brand do you sell and have you ever handled anything else?

2. How long have you been offering equipment to the industry? What about the current brand you carry?

3. Can the machinery be purchased direct?

4. How long has your brand been around?

5. Where is it built? How well does the factory back their machinery?

6. What all is included in the warranty? Is there an extended one available (if so, how much)?

7. Am I getting everything or what options are there (higher levels of software, color monitor premium, hooping systems, extra hoops, cap system, starter kits)?

8. If there is a starter kit, what is included in it (be conscious of getting a good quality name brand thread and the quantity of each item)?

9. Support and service: Do you have in house technicians or do you use contract techs? How accessible are people if I have a problem?

10. If I have issues or problems that are not resolved in a timely manner, how easy is it to contact an owner or someone who is beyond management? Is it a public or private company?

11. Advanced training (software, machine, or business of embroidery) - what's included, how often is it, costs, and how many people can come?

12. How can I get a first hand look at the software or try it? Where is the closest place I can go if I have questions or need help on a technique (i.e. puff embroidery, small lettering, special material, etc...)? Software is the most challenging part of the learning curve - know this upfront.

13. What maintenance is recommended and what is the cost of the services?

14. Embroidery machinery and software upgrade policies: How often is it offered and what was the cost of the last upgrade (not updates or bug fixes)?

15. Is your machine a bridge frame, arm frame, or do you offer both models? How much more expensive is the bridge machine?