Intelligent Digitizing Software

IDS Embroidery Machine SoftwareThe Intelligent Digitizing Software (IDS) System is the newest, premier industrial automatic digitizing software.

The innovative IDS program allows digitizers to take pictures from a scanner or digital camera, any true type font, and digital images and turn them into stitched designs automatically.

IDS Embroidery Machine Software Screen ShotOnce a design has been automatically generated into stitches, you have the ability to change and manipulate the embroidery with IDS' easy-to-use tools.

There is no need to know any confusing graphics program - all of the editing tools are at your fingertips in IDS. You can bring in an image directly from your scanner and clean it up with just one program!


The Intelligent Digitizing Software DemonstrationThe Intelligent Digitizing Software Lettering Demonstration

List of Features:

Automatic Image to Stitch CreationUnlimited Stitch Fill Creation
Specialty Stitch Types Including Complex Pattern, Satin Fill Pattern, Stamped Pattern, Radial Fill, Cross Stitch, Fluid Contour Fill, Applique, Motif Fill, Spiral Fill, Arc Fill, and More!True Type Font Conversion
Multiple Line LetteringPrintable Worksheets
Fabric Background Settings for Simulated ViewMulti-Design Digitizing with Cut, Copy, & Paste Functions
Group and/or Ungroup Areas and ObjectsMirror Vertical, Horizontal, or By Any Line
Rotate/Resize/Reshape/Align Tools with any Area, Object, and/or LetteringSuper Align Any Objects and/or Lettering with a Line, Arc, Freehand Line, Ellipse, or Existing Outline
Stretching & Skewing for Any Object and/or LetteringMultiple Kerning Tools for Lettering
Individual KerningBase Line Kerning
Multiple Baseline and Font EditingArtwork Editing Tools
Adjust Object with Lines, Arc, and New PointsIndividual Node Editing with Multiple Features
Node Angle Editing with or without Bezier CurveFilling Voids
Creating VoidsMerge Tools
Divide Tools - with a Line or a CurveAutomatic Border with Stitch Control
Multiple Border Types including E-Stitch, Running Stitches, Motif Borders, Chain Stitch Border, Running Cross Stitch, and Satin Border with Width ControlFeather Stitch with Unlimited Editing
Automatic Feather Stitch with Custom Feather TypesStitch Length and Stitch Angle Control
Automatic Gradient Shading with Shading Control - Shade One or Multiple Layers of StitchingEdit Corner Tools (Great for Small Lettering)
Choose Corner TypesSet Short Stitching for Corner Control
Use Multiple Stitch Types TogetherResize Stitched Designs 200% Maintaining Stitch Integrity
Full Manual Punch ToolsSemi-Automatic Digitizing Tools
Automatic Underlay with Underlay ControlSet Global Underlay with or without Individual Area Underlay
Automatic Pull Compensation with Compensation ControlAutomatic Tie Stitch with Tie In & Out Control
Automatic Density with Density ControlSave Stitch Settings for Multiple Settings
Stitch Sequence Viewer with Sequence ControlFull Control of Programming Trims
Program Stops in the Embroidered DesignProgram Color Changes in Any Area
Ability to Change and Save New Default Properties SettingsRevert to Factory Settings at Any Time
Built-In Monogramming with Border & Frame Expandable LibraryFree Updates and Online Support

Plus Much More!

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