EMS Hoop Tech Hoops 2HOOP TECH hoops are available in popular ROUND sizes as well as larger format RECTANGULAR and the very popular SQUARE hoops. The HOOP TECH "Square Solution" hoops offers two advantages over round hoops

  1. A larger sewing field verses a round hoop of the same size, because of the additional area in the corners.
  2. The ability to see the alignment of the garment with the straight sides of the hoop.


HOOP TECH hoops feature:

  • Large easy to grip adjusting screw.
  • Double height frame
  • EMS Hoop Tech Hoops 3Rounded corners on the hoop & frame to reduce "hoop burn"
  • HOOP TECH hoops are designed to fit all industrial embroidery machines by simply attaching arm adapters designed to fit your machine.