T-Shirts / Jerseys

T-Shirt Center

  • Down from top of design or lettering from bottom of crew neck or neckband.

T-Shirt with Pocket

  • Bottom of design should be 1/2'' to 3/4" above pocket.
  • Design or lettering should never be longer than pocket.

T-Shirt without Pocket

  • Design or lettering 7" to 9" down from shoulder, 4" to 6" over from horizontal center point of shirt.

Ingredients for T-Shirts:

  • Needle Type: 70/10 Light Ball; 75/11 Light Ball; 80/12 Light Ball
  • Backing/Topping: 1 layer cut away or 1 layer poly mesh.
  • Other: Add column width and edge underlay for crispness in digitizing.