Embroidery Education

Whether you are new to the industry, starting an embroidery business, or a seasoned expert, the garment decorating industry is always changing. With new embroidery techniques and products emerging it is a good idea to brush up on your skills to stay competitive and make quality designs. Along with tutorials, live demos, and training sessions we offer a variety of other education materials about embroidery. From embroidery videos to estimating stitch counts for projects we want you to succeed in every embroidery project you start.

Glossary of Terms

Have you ever come across a word used in the embroidery industry that you are unfamiliar with? Look it up in our glossary of embroidery terms and definitions.

Embroidery Placement

If you are ever unsure about where to place your hoop for a project look it up here. We offer information about how to deal with specific fabrics to the best needle type to use.

Needles and Backing

The type of needles and backing you use matters! The needle and backing used go hand in hand to stitch the perfect design. Find out more about using the right needle and backing.

Estimating Stitch Counts

Your stitch count will vary depending on the size and complexity of your design. Find out how to estimate how many stitches a project will take before you start.

Video Gallery

Sometimes the best way to learn is to actually watch someone. We offer a variety of embroidery videos from how to hoop a cap to using the Prodigi Smart Controller.

Electrical Requirements

Especially important for those operating out of their home, make sure that you have the electrical capacity for a commercial embroidery machine.

Embroidery Resources

Find a list of helpful resources from the embroidery and decorating apparel industry.