Protect your Purchase

Dongle Support and Protection from Midwest Distributors As we get more emails and phone calls from IDS users, we have noticed that there have been a significant amount of unfortunate circumstances that have caused many problems such as loss, theft, or breakage of an IDS dongle (the blue security device that plugs into the computer's USB port).

This is the key to open your software program. Many have lost them traveling between home and office or even traveling between the training at Midwest's facility and their hometown - one person lost their dongle going through airport security. Also, people have damaged them from inserting and removing the dongle from the computer.

With other software companies, the only option is to buy a new software system or pay a hefty fee to replace the security device. But, Midwest is different than all the other software companies. We have incorporated a whole new program for these unfortunate circumstances - it's the dongle protection program.

The way it works is simple. Once you purchase the protection program you are covered for life on the damage of the dongle. If anything happens that causes you to send us remnants of a destroyed dongle, we will replace it with a new one and ship it overnight to you. That is coverage that extends for as long as you own the software. Additionally, if you ever lose the dongle, you can turn in your certificate and receive a completely new dongle free of charge delivered to your door.

No extra charges, no shipping, and no hidden fees. It's a full replacement protection program that only IDS owners can take advantage of.

Please ask your sales representative about this program.