Customer Testimonials

From Linda

"I was becoming frustrated at the prospect of making the large investment into the new commercial machine fearing a lack of support from these large companies. It was then that my husband strolled towards a booth/display for a machine that I had not researched - Prodigi. As with the other displays their machines were running sample hats, sweatshirts, bags, etc. The difference here though was key - the people. They immediately took interest in what our needs were, asking questions about our needs and explaining what the Prodigi equipment and the IDS could offer my new business ... We felt like we were important to Midwest..."

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From Kyle

"Matt and I would like to thank You and the rest of the Midwest Distributors family for a very enlightening week of training. The software classes taught by Ruth, the technical classes taught by James, and Cookie's help with hooping tips and product availability were greatly appreciated..."

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From Mikki

"I would like to take a minute to thank James for all of his help....The over and above, that James did was absolutely the difference between my business turning upside down and me being able to get back up and running..."

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From Kathryn

"My sincere thanks to you, your family, and Prodigi staff for your warm hospitality last month. Not only did you cover an unbelievable amount of material in one day, I left feeling I had made the right choice in buying my first machine from you...."

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