Business Start Up

Get Your Embroidery Business Up and Running!

Are you ready to turn your side hobby into a lucrative business? Starting an embroidery business is ideal for people looking for a profitable creative outlet. Being your own boss and working from home are only a few of the benefits. We at Midwest can help with all the necessary tools you need to get started. From offering business plans to helping find your niche in the industry, check out our business start-up education materials. Get all the information you need here from Midwest.


Find out how others like you have found business success with Prodigi machines and Midwest's guidance.

Questions to Ask

Make sure that you are asking the right questions when researching what embroidery machine is right for you.

Buyers Beware

Know the difference between sales jargon used in the industry and the real thing. Don't let your sales person take advantage of you.

Starting a Business

Starting a business is no simple endeavor. Here you will find some key questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge including how to develop a business plan.


Find where the embroidery business opportunities are and identify where you fit in so you can better target potential customers.

What to Decorate

The embroidery service offerings you can give customers are endless. Here we offer a list of things that can be decorated with machine embroidery.

Pricing Guidelines

You might ask yourself what you should charge customers for your embroidery services. We break it down for you stitch by stitch for a profitable business start-up.