Renaissance Embroidery Systems Acquired by Prodigi

Prodigi by Midwest Distributors has acquired Renaissance Embroidery Systems in its entirety. We are pleased to now be your first line of support for your Renaissance Embroidery Equipment. As of January 1, 2009 Prodigi Embroidery Systems by Midwest Distributors has purchased Renaissance in its entirety.

Midwest Distributors is one of the oldest entities in the industry, started in 1955 by the same family who operates it today. Three generations ago the commitment to the sewing/embroidery trade began in Saint Louis, MO. In its long and intricate history, there have been many accomplishments that have helped shape the industry and propelled the company to where it is today. Becoming principally involved with computerized embroidery machines back in the late 1970's, Midwest developed the first automatic functioning digitizing system in the early 1980's, throughout the 90's became the largest worldwide dealer for one of the most recognized machine brands today, and currently possesses the most sought after digitizing and touch screen machine technology. Now, they have grown to become nearly 100% vertical, meaning that they offer their own directly manufactured, imported, and distributed products branded as Prodigi.

From the 3 models of single head machines that they produce all the way to their mammoth 42 head equipment, Prodigi is one of the most diverse suppliers of embroidery machines worldwide.

On the software side of Prodigi comes some of the most impressive, unique technology for scanning images and automatically generating design files, with full editing capabilities! Prodigi's exclusive Intelligent Digitizing Software (IDS) ushered in the current benchmark for digitizing software in 2001 and all the major brands have since followed the path and overall design cues of its operation (i.e. filmstrip, vector digitizing, and true type font lettering). While IDS remains the most powerful and only automatic based system endorsed by the world's only accredited College of Computerized Machine Embroidery, it's development persists full time with a programming staff dedicated strictly to embroidery software.

Although the ownership of Renaissance and Midwest have known each other for a very long time, research and assurances to maintain the integrity and confidence in your equipment supplier have been a core component of the acquisition.

The knowledge and expertise they offer will help you to continue to grow and get the most from your Renaissance equipment.

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